S108 コールデニム

MODEL : 身長 157cm/着用サイズ : 28インチ


丈106cm ウエスト67cm ヒップ92cm 股下78cm
前股上31cm 後股上42cm 裾巾20cm ワタリ29cm

丈107cm ウエスト70、5cm ヒップ95、5cm 股下78cm
前股上31、5cm 後股上42、5cm 裾巾20、5cm ワタリ30cm

丈107cm ウエスト74cm ヒップ99cm 股下78cm
前股上32cm 後股上43cm 裾巾21cm ワタリ31cm

丈108cm ウエスト77、5cm ヒップ102、5cm 股下78cm
前股上32、5cm 後股上43cm 裾巾21、5cm ワタリ32cm

丈113cm ウエスト81cm ヒップ106cm 股下83cm
前股上33cm 後股上44cm 裾巾22cm ワタリ33cm


Call denim uses 100% cotton 13oz rigid denim. Classic straight silhouette. Slightly wider than 105 and slightly shallower than 107. If 107 Monroe Denim has a feminine silhouette that wraps around the hips, this one has a masculine silhouette with a rugged feel dropped from the hip bone. I made it with the image of work jeans worn by coal miners in the 1800s, so I added a back strap to the back waist (I wanted to make it without belt loops, but it's not practical, so I added belt loops. (we are here). Even though it's been a long time since we've seen 100% cotton, I think you can feel our enthusiasm for serious denim. This type is recommended for serious old denim fans. It is an indigo rigid only development. When washed, it does not shrink horizontally, but shrinks 8 cm vertically.
MODEL: Height 157cm / Wearing size: 28 inches

Number: S108
Color: Indigo Rigid
Material: 100% cotton
Price: 25,000 yen (excluding tax)
Size: 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 inches
Country of Origin: Japan

26 inch
Length 106cm Waist 67cm Hip 92cm Inseam 78cm
Front rise 31cm Back rise 42cm Hem width 20cm Thickness 29cm

27 inch
Length 107cm Waist 70.5cm Hips 95.5cm Inseam 78cm
Front rise 31.5cm Back rise 42.5cm Hem width 20.5cm Thickness 30cm

28 inch
Length 107cm Waist 74cm Hip 99cm Inseam 78cm
Front rise 32cm Back rise 43cm Hem width 21cm Thickness 31cm

29 inches
Length 108cm Waist 77.5cm Hips 102.5cm Inseam 78cm
Front rise 32.5cm Back rise 43cm Hem width 21.5cm Thickness 32cm

30 inch
Length 113cm Waist 81cm Hip 106cm Inseam 83cm
Front rise 33cm Back rise 44cm Hem width 22cm Thickness 33cm

*Since each product is processed by hand, there may be slight differences in size.
型番 S108